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WORKSHOP 4: Basics of Vaccine Administration: Immunization Essentials and Approaches

WORKSHOP 4: Basics of Vaccine Administration: Immunization Essentials and Approaches

Basics of Vaccine Administration: Immunization Essentials and Approaches



Barry A. Bleidt, PhD, PharmD, RPh, FAPhA, FNPhA

Professor, Nova Southeastern University

See-Won Seo, PharmD, BCACP

Associate Professor

Hoai-An Truong, PharmD, MPH, FAPhA, FNAP

Professor and Director of Public Health, University of Maryland Eastern Shore


DescriptionThis basic immunization certificate training program “Basics of Vaccine Administration: Immunization Essentials and Approaches” provides an introduction program that provides the knowledge and skills for vaccine administration. It covers basic vaccine immunology, types of vaccines, vaccine preventable diseases, universal precautions and handling of vaccines, allergic reactions, adverse effects and emergencies, preparation and administration techniques. It also provides a vaccine administration demonstration and discussion on the future of vaccination to improve patient-centered care and public health.


Learning Objectives:

  • Define and utilize relevant terms and abbreviations appropriately as they apply to immunizations, vaccines, and immunology
  • Discuss the importance of vaccination to prevent disease and improve public health
  • Discuss common vaccine preventable diseases and contraindications
    • List the routes of administration for each vaccine
    • Describe needle selection based on vaccines and patient age and size
  • Discuss protocols for receiving, storing, and handling of vaccines
  • Describe appropriate documentation processes
  • Identify bloodborne pathogen risks to healthcare providers when handling needles
  • Discuss needlestick prevention methods
  • Recognize allergic vaccine reactions and other emergency situations
  • Identify and be able to use proper procedures for managing a vaccine-related adverse reactions and emergency situations
  • Discuss proper preparation and handwashing for administering vaccinations
  • Describe how to draw up vaccine liquid from a vial into a syringe
  • Describe two methods of proper vaccine administration (IM and SC)
  • Identify the safe disposal of syringes
  • Discuss the incorporation of immunizations into patient care visits to improve health outcomes
  • Identify strategies to advocate for pharmacist’s role in immunizations